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Constellations will not be about acquisition of partial information, but quite about recognition of
the relation of ideas to each other in order that conflicts between them come to mild and reveal what identitarian logic has not
noted. That's, disability is conceived in relation to the capitalist mode of production, whereby change value and equivalence results in conceptual frameworks of
id and sameness. Although Puar recognizes the methods in which
equivalence and identification are at work inside neoliberal capitalist economies, she challenges this
pairing by an examination of the processes of capacity and debility that exceed the category of incapacity.
Puar contends that given biopolitical developments in neoliberal capitalism, normalizing the disabled physique is
not the main focus of medical intervention. A biopolitical shift has occurred whose focus is the differential capacitation of all bodies, she claims, not the achievement of a normative in a position-bodiness.

In response to Puar, neoliberalism mobilizes the tension between capacity
and debility to interrupt down the binaries between normative/non-normative,
disabled/abled because "debility is profitable to capitalism, but so is the demand to 'get well' from or overcome it" (154) via processes of capacitation. In something akin to creating constellations,
Puar moves us away from considering by means of binaries of abled/disabled and
reframes this relationship when it comes to debility and capability to attend to modifications
within capitalism.

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