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Read via our full Ts&Cs (PDF, 453KB) for more information. Paula Pierce, a lawyer in Austin, Tex., urged customers to fastidiously read the contract
for their protected deposit box, which outlines what occurs if, as an example, you
lose your key. For example, if we are required to drill into
the secure deposit box lock, as a result of you’ve misplaced
the keys or you don’t return both keys to us at the top of the
hire period. When the renter’s key is used to increase the bolt, it scrambles your entire lever pack in the process, thus
requiring that each keys be used to retract the bolt.
On this design, the key engages the bitting (or "saddle") of each lever, which is beneath spring tension, to raise the gates in each lever the required quantity in order that the fence (or fences) might go by way of them, and thus allow the bolt to
be retracted. He was the primary to see that the deadlocking lever in warded
locks, along with deadlocking the locking bolt within the prolonged position, could
also be used to determine the peak of the important thing blade.
The "old" type lock with the cross form change lug uses a different
fashion lever inside and this tool is not designed for this model.

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