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Paperstone Counter-Tops Overview

Paperstone Counter-Tops Overview

???? Excessive density The fabric could be very dense, which makes it utterly durable to water stains and micro organism. ???? Durable Can take heat as much as 350 °F (176 °C), lay a baking dish on the counter, straight from the oven, no problemo. ???? Straightforward to fix Might be repaired on the spot by an expert utilizing particular filling (Unlike soapstone) ???? Meals safe Paper stone is a non-toxic materials and is an authorised industrial food floor (NSF-certified) ???? Texture The texture is warm and inviting to touch (Unlike granite counters which are chilly) ???? Eco-friendly Paperstone is made from post-consumer recycled paper, making it very sustainable. ???? Aggressive Price Prices are about the identical as inserting a granite countertop, and even a bit lower.

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