The Karol Bagh Call Girls is teaching today what you do and what to do after snake biting

Many people lose their consciousness while listening to Snake's name, Many people get snake to face unconscious by fear, But people should not do this, because many people die or become unconscious due to fear only, Today the girl of our Karol Bagh Call Girls will tell you how to do her initial treatment if you are a victim of snake bites, This is a home remedy which is very simple, Sometimes these treatments prove very effective and save lives,

Snake is found in every single country of the world, it is found in most forests and mountains region, Many species of snakes are found and all species are not poisonous, So before fear, you should know what type of snakes you have been hunting for, A research has revealed that many people die only due to the fear of snake bite, most of which are due to death of heart attacks, Therefore, after the snake bites, people need to be very restraint, After some snake bites, people get scared, so that they start to get sleepy, and then they start getting difficult

Now our Karol Bagh Call Girls  tell you about types of snakes

Non poisonous or non- venomous snakes:-

This snake does not contain poison, this snake has a knot but the poison bag is not there, Therefore, biting these snakes does not have any effect on people, So if you ever snake a snake, then first you know that there is no poison in it, because the poisonous snake is easily identified, The snake that does not have poison is very less angry, and it is of quiet nature, so these snakes are cut very little, They only bite when you will bother it more if you want to more about this then contact with our Karol Bagh Call Girls.

There is some non-venomous snakes :-

Anaconda-  It is a reptile, means it is a category of snake , it is largest reptile in the world , this snake is almost 30 feet long and weight is approx 250 kilo gram, in the world there are 4 types of anaconda, green  anaconda, yellow anaconda , bolivian anaconda  and dark sported anaconda, green anaconda is largest in his family, It is a very big snake, this man can easily make his prey, They hunt animals and fill their stomach,

Python :- it is second longest snakes in the world, there are 26 types of python, this is not a home type snake this snake is live in rainforest and desert, food of this snake is small animal like, rat, rabbit, etc, Indian, African, Burmiese, and American python is most dangerous in the family of python, These pythons are very good at hunt, They eat their prey in a very rigid manner, our Karol Bagh Call Girl has more idea about this types of snakes

Black Rat Snake:- This is north American snakes it is also a large types of snake, approximate size of this snake is about 5 to 6 meter long, this types of snake is found in hill side and forest area, this snake is beneficial for farmer because they have no poison so no danger for human and they eat crop damaging insect.

Milk Snakes :- This snake is colorful in appearance, it is very beautiful in appearance,

Bull Snake:- This is a very exciting snack found in Canada, These snakes are 5 to 6 feet long, Its loins are slightly crispy and slightly brown, they fill their stomachs by eating small insects, or rats, and frogs, This snake is also known as a friend of the farm, because it protects the crop from being destroyed by worms that damage the crop.

Green Snake:- this is grass green snake, It is mainly found in South America, but in India it is also found in the Himalayan region, The snake is thin and lasts about two to three feet long, Due to their color, they catch their prey very easily, because the victims go to this gene as gras or leave, Because of which it easily eats its prey, this snake is very fast.

Tree Boa Snake:- this is also called tree python, this is big type of snakes, this is 2 to 2.5 meter long, color of this snake is green, Living on the snake tree, they hunt birds very easily because, The bird, as her twig, sits on it, and they do their work,

 Garter snake:- that’s is grassy habited snake, this snake is founded in  wooden work area, They fill their stomach by eating the living organism and rat in the wood,

Rat Snake or Dhaman Snake:- this snake is found in india, this snake attack on rat , this is pure non poisoning snake. This is one of the longest snake in inia, this is about 1 to 2 meter long.

Wolf Snake:- this snake is look like krait a venomous snakes, but this is non posing, this is founded in rocky area,  this snake is small on size, approximate  height .5 to 1 meter long.

Bronze back tree snake:- this snake is found in 2000 meter high of Himalayan hill. Living place of this snake is bronze back tree, They feed their liver and frog and fill their stomach,

How to identify Non- Venomous Snakes :-

The head of the Non- Venomous  snake is not triangular and flattened,

Such snakes are less shiny

Those snakes who are not poisoned are less reflective, and their nostrils are round and wide,

If you want know more about snake then contact to our Karol Bagh Escorts  has more knowledge about snake because she spend many more time in forest and rocks so she has more knowlage about snaks, so come and meet with her and know more idea about snake., so call and increase your knowledge about snakes.

We will tell you about venomous snake  and Measures to avoid its poison   in next article, so please wait for more article .

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