Bitter gourd A life nectar

Bitter gourd A life nectar

One day I was sleeping with the connaught place escorts girl, I was getting itching and I was scarring my body over and over again,  When I was itching, the connaught place escorts girl started looking at me, i tries to stop the itching, but after being compelled to scratch again, This itching was obstructing our love. When I failed to stop the itching, the connaught place escorts girl got irritated and said, What happened, why you are constantly itching, why are you not bath, I said, I bath daily, then why are you itching, I said, I do not know, this has haunted me for a few days, It seems, your blood has gone wrong, so you are itching, connaught place escorts girl said, she said eat bitter gourd, I told , that is very tart,  That quote has great benefit in it, consuming it will benefit you very much, I asked to connaught place escorts girl about benefits of bitter gourd. connaught place escort Girl explained in detail, That quote that you will see results in a week, I said okay, just explain it well and tell it, connaught place escorts Girl started explaining.

You know that bitter is world famous foods, Despite its bitter taste, it is good to eat, People use it for their health benefits, People use bitter gourd as a medicine and vegetable, It contains proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and many vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C , is abundant. 

Bitter gourd work like a blood purifier.

Bitter gourd acts as a blood purifier in the body, Bitter gourd cleanses your blood and cleanses it, Because of which it cleanses the allergies from your body and eliminates itching problem, Continuous use of bitter gourd also eliminates your tiredness and strengthens your immune system, By using bitter gourd, nail acne also provides relief.

Bitter gourd nectar for diabetic patients

The connaught place escort girl told me that bitter gourd is like nectar for diabetics, By reducing the sugar levels from the blood, the diabetic reaches the benefit, It protects against insulin resistance in the body and helps in insulin production, bitter is beneficially for Type A and Type B type diabetics, To prevent diabetes, you should use bitter gourd daily In morning before breakfast. 

Bitter gourd A remedy for liver health.

Bitter gourd is a mine, in which the hepatic properties are in large quantities, Due to its hepatic properties, it is very beneficial for the liver and it improves the functioning of the liver, It works the liver smoothly by removing the toxic substance from the liver, Because of which you are prevented from dangerous diseases like obesity, jaundice and heart disease, You can consume bitter gourd regularly and avoid such a dangerous disease.

Bitter gourd juice reduces alcohol addiction

If you are addicted to alcohol or are having trouble with hangover next morning, then You will get the juice of bitter gourd, this definitely will benefit you. It contains anti-intensification properties, which protects the toxins from your body by defeating the poison, and also protects against the harm caused by alcohol. Using bitter gourd can also get rid of your alcohol addiction, To get rid of alcohol addiction, you can add bitter  juice into the chach and drink it in the early manning before breakfast,

Bitter gourd, extremely useful in hemorrhoids or piles.

Hemorrhoids is a disease that harms people, There is a lot of trouble in bowel movements in this disease, To get rid of this disease, you should use bitter in the right amount, it has rich of fiber, So that you can easily swallow, Constipation is also removed from bitter gourd, which does not have the problem of hemorrhoids,

For relief in hemorrhoids, you can drink juice of bitter gourd, or juice of its leaf to the Chhach,  You can also eat root of bitter gourd plant

Bitter gourd helpful in weight loss,
Do you have obesity, if yes , then you can use bitter gourd, they have lots of anti-oxidant, Which is helpful in weight loss, It removes fat collected from your body, Due to the fiber present in it, it lowers the cholesterol of the body, which acts to reduce obesity, You can also use bitter gourd seeds, The fat of the bitter gourd seed oil will reduce fat.

It works well in deadly diseases such as cancer
It protects the body from free radicals, Its consumption is protected from throat cancer, breast cancer, and against prostate cancer, it also protect us from tumor, Use of bitter gourd to prevent stones, If you have trouble with the mouth ulcer, then chew the leaves of bitter leaves and keep them in the mouth for a while And then rinse it with water, it will give you lot of comfort in the mouth bark, Mix the juice of bitter gourd in the soil and put it in the mouth bark, And let the saliva get out, it will finish your mouth ulcer. 

connaught place escort Girl quotes that there are many benefits to eating bitter gourd, such as, It is beneficial in knee and joints pain, It removes the burning of the legs, It is beneficial in acidity, It removes the inflammation and swelling of the throat of the body, It is also effective in asthma, and much more.  

I was amazed to hear about the benefits of bitter gourd from the mouth of the connaught place escorts girl, I started using bitter gourd  regularly on the recommendation of the connaught place escort girl, My skin infection has disappeared within a month. And I got rid of itching, I would be grateful for the connaught place escorts girl throughout my life, Today I'm going to meet the connaught place escort Girl again, but today I'm being fresh. Today I am very happy, because while talking with the connaught place escort girl, it will not be itching now,


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