How To Increase Sperm counting learn from Paharganj Escorts girl

If your sensual power is strong then semen works best in it, Without the semen your secret life will be totally useless, The stiffness of your penis depends on your seamen, Nowadays the amount of pollution is very high, which has the opposite effect on your health, So you need to pay more attention to your sensual health, This will give you many happiness in life, you can take some tips from Paharganj Escorts Girl to tighten your sensual life, You need to be careful about your sensual life, so that you can be happy in your life, So now you pay attention to all those tips by Paharganj Escorts Girl.

Firstly you can know about fertility of male:- fertility of men is refer to ability to production, Without a saman, you can not pretend any woman, It is very important for your semen to be strong for pregnancy, So make seamen and sperm very strong.

D Aspartic acid :- this supplement is best for help to increase you semen level, this supplement can increase your semen level to fast.

Regular exercise:- If you do 1 hour of Exercise daily, your sensual power retains, Exercise protects your body's essential tissue from being nitrified, which is very important for your health, Exercise also strengthens your bones, which is useful for making semen, So exercise daily and improve your health, you can learn to exercise with the girl of our Paharganj Escorts, So come and start exercising from today.

Consume vitamins c containing substances;- Food containing vitamin C is very important for health, it makes your body very strong, Vitamin C makes your bone internally very strong, By which the sensual power is highly constructed, Because semen is produced by bones only, if your body bone is very strong then it produces more semen, Therefore, always try to strengthen your body bone which is quite simple, You can get plenty of vitamin C from the following foods.

Indian Gooseberry or amla:-  amla and goosevery has contain of rich amount of vitamin c, In India it is used in making marmalade, pickle and chutney, Its flavor is very sour, so there is plenty of vitamin C in it, You can use it everyday, By eating daily, your hair becomes dense and dark, your eyesight increases and your immunity gets strained, It is makes a lot of semen, It enhances your inner strength, Its daily use protects you from fatigue, It also protects your bones from shaking in old age, The staff makes you a lot of strength from inside, so that you do not realize old age,

Kakadu Plums:- this plum fruit is highest source of vitamin C, in this fruit you can find apprimate 500 mg of vitamin c per 100 grams of fruit,  this fruit is best for your hair, skin and eyes, This fruit is rich in antioxidant which increases the disease resistance in your body, It also helps keep your digestive tract in order to keep your skin shiny, It also protects you from the tissue of cancer, it is very useful for your life, If you eat two fruits each day, you will never have impotence, The girl's face of our Paharganj Escort is very bright, because she uses this fruit every day, So you also eat and make your health, There is also a unique quality in this fruit that it reduces your weight, Therefore, use this fruit daily in diet and make your body compact, You can eat this fruit and give good performance on the bed, Come and perform with our Paharganj Escort Girl.

Guava:-  Guava is a good source of vitamin C, This increases semen with a lot of progress, It works very fast in increasing immunity, so it has also been called an immunitio booster, If you are a victim of diabetes, you can consume it because it controls diabetes, It also reduces the risk of cancer, For this, this is a very good treatment, if the patient of constipation consumes a guava every night, then his constipation ends, By eating this, your eyesight is also strong, The girl of our Paharganj Escort uses the guava in her own food every day, because this fruit is very good and contains lots of vitamins,

Papaya:-  Papaya also boasts semen very well, Vitamin C is also found in Papaya, you can take them in your daily diet, This is especially good for the woman, If you use Papaya, then menstrual pain is very relaxing, It is very beneficial in the disease, this will make your digestive tract very easy, Papaya also protects you from skin infections, they can decrease cholesterol from your body and protect from heart disease, so eat papaya every day and protect your body from various disease  , You can learn the other benefits of papaya through our Escorts In Paharganj Girl.

Tomato:- Tomatoes are also a very good fruit which enhances your semen, Tomato looks very good in your bones, it gives strength to your bones, It also improves the blood circulation of your body so that you increase the power of semen absorption, Tomato is rich in vitamins and minerals, the food can prove to be very good for your health, You can eat them from many sources, by making tomato in a vegetable, vegetable becomes very good, you can also eat tomato chutney and make it, It also helps to grow blood, You can also eat it as a salad, eat it everyday and make your health.

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