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Sex And The Baby Boomers: Free Love

Sex And The Baby Boomers: Free Love

The right understanding about this doctrine will help us to have the balance in teaching as well as in practicing the laying on of hands. Thanks for your valuable comments.I appreciate your keen observations in reading this article.Actually we brought out general outlines on laying the hands in this article.However,there are exemptions.The Holy Spirit may direct either to lay or not to lay our hands in particular situations,for which we have to be sensitive to the Leading of the Holy Spirit. These verses clearly prove that spiritual gift can be imparted through laying on of hands, but Apostle Paul did not mention the names of those spiritual gifts which were imparted to Timothy. Do not be hasty in laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. However, every believer in New Testament has the direct access to receive the spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit even without the laying on of hands.

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